Ideas for use

This video provides us with the opportunity to listen for the purpose of hearing. In that spirit we invite you to…

Listen. Listen prayerfully. Listen first. Then listen again.

Understand. Seek to understand with your head and your heart.

Be honest. Speak your questions, concerns, wonderings…honestly and sensitively.

Pray. Open yourself to the Spirit’s presence as you listen.

Some questions that might guide your discussion following the video:

1. What did you see and hear as you watched the video?

  • Was there a moment, comment or insight that struck you as important?
  • Did you take note of any common themes? Did you notice differences among the voices that you heard?
  • Was there anything that surprised you? Confused you? Encouraged you?
  • What thoughts and feelings are you left with? What do take away from watching this video?

2.   What questions does this video raise for you?

3.   Do any specific steps or actions emerge for you – or for the church – from listening to the participants on the video?

This video is about the church and for the church.  Consider watching this video alongside other people in your church community.